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Rising  design

Rising design team includes senior structure design engineers, mechanical engineers, EMC and thermal design engineer, system engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, aesthetic engineer, purchasing and manufacturing process engineers, we are familiar with all the processing technology and related standards.We will consider many comprehensive factors on the structure design stage, such as the function realization of the products, the market localization, the appearance style, easy maintenance of man-machine interface standardization, economy and so on, in order to shorten the development cycle and reduce the risk of developing stage for our customers’ sake.

Rising design

Our experienced engineers will coordinate closely with the relevant personnel, to complete the chart, computer simulation, the prototype production and related technology index testing, as well as to document and file the technical drawings. We provide many kinds of services, including the whole structure design of electronic equipment, metal processing, aluminum profile extrusion mold and aluminum processing, plastic mold and processing, aluminum-zinc powder pressure mold and processing, stamping die and hardware processing, panel line cut and fine processing, wiredrawing and oxidation, screen printting, whole structure assembly and testing.

Rising design commitment

ou might be hesitated to pay a lot of money to hire a professional structure design engineer. So don’t wait anymore when we provide a free service from a professional structure design engineer. It is difficult for the non-professionals to develop and design a professional embedded electronic equipment mechanical structure. But it is common to see that many hardware engineers, project directors even purchasing engineers work so hard to do the mechanical structure design. In order to avoid the inefficient work, we develop this auxiliary design scheme, you only need to spend five minutes, knock several sets of figures, do a few choices... And then you can go for your coffee and leave the work to the system!

Trial version......


PCB系统板 插板数量 插板种类  
(插板) 插板间距  
选配零件 通风盖板 遮挡盖板 填充法兰
  上架法兰 法兰拉手 绝缘条
选配面板 PCB插板面板 填充面板 后面板
  提手选择 二型 一型  
  助拔器选择 五型 四型 三型
散热要求 150W以下 150-300W 300W以上
EMC要求 需求 无需求    
环境要求 一级 二级 三级
抗震动要求 需求 无需求    
使用环境 机房 车间 车/机载
优先考虑 功能性 经济性    
联系方式 电话 传真 邮箱
  单位 职务
希望我们 工程师拜访 工程师致电 邮寄样本


Rising Subracks is specialized in electronic equipment and hardware support equipment manufacturing, such as 19″aluminum profile enlosures, sub rack, vice-chassis, cabbiage, caninet, frame, panel and so on. We are good at product customization. Our products meet various bus back panel installation requirements, including ATCA、VME/VME64x、PCI、CPCI、COTS

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