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Quality inspection report for panel


Serial number

Inspection items


Technical requirements

Measured results

Single judgment


External dimensions


Height/width error: equal or less than 0.3mm
Depth error: no more than 0.2mm


Appearance test

Surface without burr and scratches

Consistent color

The maximum parallel error of two panel decoration mirror images should be less than 0.2mm

No visible bulge and hollow

The interval between two panels should be uniform and less than 0.4mm

The interval between panel and flange should be less than 0.4mm


Parts assembly

Match up smoothly with ejector, handle and fastener

Match up smoothly with PCB connector, shrapnel.
The 1m free fall will not damage the standard package.


Mechanical danger

The edges and corners of the equipment should be rounded off and polished


Surface coating

Consistent color

Coating adhesion meets the requirement

Coating thickness meets the requirement

Silk-screen adhesion meets the requirement



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