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Quality inspection list for Rising Subracks


Serial number

Inspection items


Technical requirements

Measured results

Single judgment


External dimensions


Height error: equal or less than 0.2mm
Width error: no more than 0.4mm
Depth error: no more than 0.4 mm
Vertical diagonal error: less than 0.4 mm
Horizontal diagonal error: less than 0.4 mm


Interior dimensions


Corresponding front horizontal beam three point error: less than 0.2 MM

Corresponding flange spacing error less than 0.4 mm

Corresponding guide slots distance less than 0.4 MM

The dimensional error between panel and rear plate: less than 0.4 mm

The structure should be easy to go on loading and unloading


Interface card assembly

Card installation: pushing and pulling smoothly between guide rail

Smooth full load installation


Surface coating

No obvious cut in the surface, color quality without clear difference
Coating thickness/ Adhesion meet the requirements



Stresses are even when all four corners land on the ground

Inclination below 23.5 degrees should not turn over

When 80N force is applied to the most unfavorable point on horizontal surface, the equipment should not tip over

The hinged door opens freely, when the opening angle is more than 90 degrees, with 10N force on the top at most distant place from the door, the subracks shall not tilt


Mechanical danger

The structure of the equipment, should be able to prevent the operating personnel from dangerous components

The edges and corners of the equipment should be rounded off and polished


Mechanical strength

The equipment should be able to bear 0.5J impact test


Static electricity protection

The electric potential difference between any two points should be less than 0.2Ω


Electromagnetic compatibility

Shield shrapnel is connected with clip card

The clip reed won’t fall off with different placing ways or displacement

Reserved grounding rod

The installation of flexible wire should be consistent with the requirements of GB5023.5(table2)



There is no obvious deformation when the subracks bears 240g*6g*6 static load lasting for 48hours.

Locks open smooth

When casters work fine, it is Box convenient to move the subrack

The 1m free fall will not damage the standard package.

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