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横梁 Horizontal rails



Light-alloy profile component is the key factor of the basic structure and installation precision of a enclosure. Rising has more than two hundred and sixty sets of precise light alloy profile to manufacture components of subrack , which is the largest number of domestic industry, with the highest degree and specialized series. Here presents the typical components. 

The holes on the horizontal rails arrange according the TE (5.08) interval , accuracy can be ensured at ±0.01 mm.

On both sides of the horizontal rail are fixed with M4 * 12 tightening bolt equipment. Under special cases we can use the M4 * 16 / M4 * 20 tighten screws equipment.

Profiles length are shorter than 196 TE (1 m) and 84 TE is the common one.

Material: aluminium magnesium alloy profile

Surface treatment: high pressure jet sand, electrolytic polishing, anodic oxidation, conductive oxidation, UV spray paint, electrostatic spraying

Color: aluminum nature, and inferior smooth black, grey, green, red, blue and other colors.


















 RX-QL-A2 上拓梁


RX-QL-B2 上拓梁


RX-QL-A3 前拓梁


RX-TL-B T角后梁 








 RX-DL 中梁

 RX-D2L II型中梁




 RX-TL2-B 加强前梁

 RX-TL3-B E型前梁






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