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Technical index:

Depth: 180240300360 mm

Width: 19 inches (482.6 mm)

Material: aluminium magnesium alloy,
            6063 A / 060

Surface treatment:

Liquid drawing / vacuum gush arenaceous /
electrolytic polishing  /   Anodic oxidation /
chromium acid passivation/electrostatic spraying


The vibration Test  DIN IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc
                           DIN IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea


DIN 41494-5、IEC 60297-3-5、
EIA 310-D、GB/T19520

Optional accessories:

Front panel, handle, back panel, and the
lateral slippery rail.



机箱组件Components of Subracks



 1U profile side

    panel 2




Specification: 1 U in height, any size in length

Material: aluminum alloy 1060

Features: through process of bending, welding,
changed to U variant, which compose rear panel
and both sides panels of the 1U enclosure, with
front panel, top and bottom-cover and four pieces
of parts can make up an enclosure.


 1U profile side

    panel 2


Specification: 1 U in height, any size in length

Material: 6063 / A

Features: compose the both sides boards of
1U enclosure, with front panel, top and bottom
-cover and four pieces of parts can make up an
enclosure, which is especially convenient for the
installation of slippery course.

 1U profile panel 1 


Specification: 1 U in height,
19 "or other size in length 

Material: 6063A-T5

Features: constitute the front and rear panel
of 1 Uenclosure, high space utilization rate,
reserved obligate slots can embed cover plate

 Profile panel


Specification: 1 U / 2 U in height ,
19 "or other size in length

Material: 6063A-T5

Features: constitute the front and rear panel
of 1 U enclosure, high space utilization rate,
strengthened structure, which can be used
alone for cabinet panel.

Fuji Angle




Specification: any size in height, length and width.

Material: 6063A-T5

Features: full of flexibility, suit for any combination
of different enclosures, cabinet, can also be used
instead the plug-in box. 




Rising Subracks is specialized in electronic equipment and hardware support equipment manufacturing, such as 19″aluminum profile enlosures, sub rack, vice-chassis, cabbiage, caninet, frame, panel and so on. We are good at product customization. Our products meet various bus back panel installation requirements, including ATCA、VME/VME64x、PCI、CPCI、COTS

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