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Rising design
Product Field


Ⅰ: Rail transportation and communication signal
II : Communications and network equipment
III :Power system relay protection, plant safety and remote transmission
IV :Defense industry and security fields
VI: Broadcast , television , editing and transmission equipment
VI : Intelligent transportation, medical equipment, automation control



Ten advantages

A strong structural design , structural optimization capabilities,
    free   customer service
Improve the system's technical , business records management means 
    to  ensure the accuracy of business continuity
Ultra - fast delivery cycle, save you a lot of time
Powerful reservoir of standard accessories to ensure more than 80% of
    your order are spot goods.
With the international advanced level of processing equipment
A full range of specialized tooling
Supporting capacity of the non-standard customization, panel
    processing and prototype trial
One-stop service, including drawing oxidation, spray , conductive oxide , 
    screen printing
● Affordable price, more than 50% cheap to the similar imported products
Stable and reliable product quality coupled with thoughtful and 
    considerate after-sales service


Our products are widely applied to many industrial areas, such as railway communication signal, aerospace, electronics, digital/ simulation communication, biological identification, safety monitoring, etc. For a long time we have been provide products and service for thousands of company such as ABB, Siemens, Lucent Technologies, Bell, Julong, Datang, etc. Perfect personalized service, quick delivery cycle and flexibility during the scope of standard are our biggest competitive advantage. Industry classic case of】 




Rising Subracks is specialized in electronic equipment and hardware support equipment manufacturing, such as 19″aluminum profile enlosures, sub rack, vice-chassis, cabbiage, caninet, frame, panel and so on. We are good at product customization. Our products meet various bus back panel installation requirements, including ATCA、VME/VME64x、PCI、CPCI、COTS

Internationally renowned chassis supplier:SCHROFF  RITTAL  VEROTEC  ELMA  PENTAIR  DANIELS ERVTEC  ATOS  SRS