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Standardization and international compatibility

Criterion summary- international electronic packaging general standard guide


IEC standard

Global business electronic market creates the requirement of international effective standard. The market response and development costs of electronic equipment prompt application engineers to use existing products based on the standard rather than independent designed full solutions. Recent developed electronic packaging standard is composed of size norms, and the high-end physical integration, electromagnetic compatibility and heat management of the standard. International electronic technology committee IEC subordinate technology committee based on extensive market requirements, creates series of new standards. Dimension compatibility is as follows:

IEC 60297-1, IEC 60297-2, IEC 60297-3-101, IEC 60297-3-102, IEC 60297-3-103,IEC 61969-2-1, IEC 61969-2-2, IEC 61969-2-X

Physical integration: IEC 61587-1, IEC 61969-3;

Vibration resistance: IEC 61587-2

Electromagnetic compatibility: IEC 61587-3;

Temperature control management: IEC 62194. Ed. 1



In addition to the standard of IEC, there is also an application scope created by specific market users, such as VME is created by VITA (VME, international trade association), CompactPCI and ATCA are created by PICMG (the computer industry association), which now have been merged into the IEC.



ETS standard is created for European telecom device by the European telecommunications standards, ETS standard is closely related to IEC standard, but more focused on the meet special requirements of telecommunication field.



The standards of People's Republic of China, GB/T 19520.3-11

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