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In 1995, the ministry of railway prepared to accelerate the speed of railway for the first time, in order to solve the localization problem of precise embedded subracks for communication signals equipment, the ministry of railways basis subministry assigned development task of light alloy profile embedded chassis and put-in box to Harbin railway administration department, Harbin railway administration appointed former Harbin railway electronic technology Co., LTD. to set up the project team.

In 1996, the first domestic 6502 light alloy profile embedded subrack for signal equipment came out.

In 1997, enclosures for scheduling supervision, scheduling concentration and microcomputer chain equipment have realized domestication in succession, began mass production.

In 2001, the enclosure project of Harbin railway electronic company incorporated into the Harbin railway signal factory. At the same year, Harbin railway signal factory restructured to heilongjiang ruixing technology Co., LTD.

Heilongjiang ruixing technology Co., LTD Beijing branch was founded in 2002,.

In the year of 2003, Beijing branch was revoked, Beijing ruixingwenguang railway communication signal equipment Co., LTD was established on the same site.

Shanghai sales department, established in 2006, upgraded to Shanghai Ruishangxing communications equipment Co., LTD.

In 2007, Beijing ruixingwenguang railway communication signal equipment Co., LTD. Was established with investment of 3 million yuan.

In 2009, Beijing ruixingwenguang railway communication signal equipment Co., LTD. put an additional investment of 3 million to upgrade.

In 2011, silicon valley representative office of Beijing Rising Subracks was established at Sanjose of western America.


Rising Subracks is specialized in electronic equipment and hardware support equipment manufacturing, such as 19″aluminum profile enlosures, sub rack, vice-chassis, cabbiage, caninet, frame, panel and so on. We are good at product customization. Our products meet various bus back panel installation requirements, including ATCA、VME/VME64x、PCI、CPCI、COTS

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